Our Approach

For decades, the snack food industry has been selling us products to address our physical health. Nowadays, there is a growing trend toward using nutrition to address our mental health as well.

Brain Bar is a functional energy bar designed for your brain. It’s made with plant protein and brain-boosting ingredients. Research has shown that choosing the right snack foods can help improve mental clarity, focus, memory and mood.

After all, the last thing we need is just another protein bar on the market.


Meet the Founder and Chief Bar-Maker


Christopher Boyse


Chris began laying the groundwork for Brain Bar in 2016 when he was making healthy, functional snacks in his home kitchen in Calgary. He was in the process of transforming his life through a combination of proper nutrition, physical fitness, meditation and volunteering. He discovered that following a more mindful diet had a profound impact on his mood and mental energy. But when he went looking for snack food products that addressed body AND brain health, he couldn’t find any. So, using plant protein and other innovative agri-food ingredients, Chris began prototyping the very first Brain Bar.

Chris has an MBA from Rotman School of Management. He majored in psychology in his undergrad, so brain health has long been one of his key interests. He is a former fitness competitor, avid volunteer, active outdoorsman, and life-long meditator. He can often be found in the Canadian Rockies: skiing, camping or hiking (with a few Brain Bars in his backpack).

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