Our Approach

For decades, the snack food industry has been selling us products to address our physical health. Nowadays, there is a growing trend toward using nutrition to address our mental health as well.

Brain Bar is a functional energy bar designed for your brain. It’s made with real, brain-boosting ingredients and containing nootropic nutrients. Research has shown that choosing the right snack foods can help improve mental clarity, focus, memory and mood.

After all, the last thing we need is just another protein bar on the market.


Our Story

Brain Bar is the brainchild of founder Christopher Boyse. He is inspired by the pioneering mindset and entrepreneurial spirit found here in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Chris, in turn, wants to inspire others to achieve self-mastery in all aspects of their lives.

As a startup business, we are eager to talk to customers, investors, industry players, idea-generators… let’s connect!

Meet the Founder and chief bar-maker


Christopher Boyse


Chris is the founder of Brain Bar Nutrition Inc., a Calgary-based food startup whose mission is to empower people to achieve self-mastery – starting with what they eat. Chris transformed his life and his mindset through a combination of proper nutrition, physical fitness, meditative activities, and community building.

Chris has an MBA from Rotman School of Management. He majored in psychology in his undergrad. He is a former fitness competitor, avid volunteer, active outdoorsman, and life-long meditator.

Chris is seeking partners and collaborators to help spread the #BeBrainFit message.


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