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Meet the Founder and Chief Bar-Maker


Chris began laying the groundwork for Brain Bar™ in 2017 when he was making healthy, functional snacks in his home kitchen in Calgary. He was in the process of transforming his life trough a combination of proper nutrition, physical fitness, meditation and volunteering. He discovered that following a more mindful diet had a profound impact on his mood and mental energy. But when he went looking for grab-and-go snack food products that addressed body AND brain health, he couldn't find any. So, using plant-based protein and other innovative agri-food ingredients, Chris began prototyping the very first Brain Bar™. 

Chris has an MBA from Rotman School of Management. He majored in psychology in his undergrad, so brain health has long been one of his key interests. He is a former fitness competitor, avid volunteer, active outdoorsman, and life-long meditator. He can often be found in the Canadian Rockies: skiing, camping or hiking (with a few Brain Bars in hand).